Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Effect
Navigation & Selection
ALT+SHIFT+UP/DOWN Incremental selection (use multiple times)
CTRL+O Jump to symbol (direct outline navigation)
CTRL+T Jump to type
ALT+LEFT Back to last location
F3 Goto definition of selected element
CTRL+E Show list of opened files
Code Generation & Refactoring
ALT+SHIFT+L Extract/Assign local variable
ALT+SHIFT+M Extract method
CTRL+/ Comment/Uncomment single line
CTRL+1 Fix currently selected error or problem
CTRL+SHIFT+O Organize imports
ALT+UP/DOWN Move selection one line up/down
F11 Debug current project
CTRL+F11 Run current project
F5 Debugger: Step Into
F6 Debugger: Step Over
CTRL+SHIFT+L Show all available shortcuts

Hint: Learn shortcuts with the Mousefeed Eclipse Plugin.